Saturday, 29 November 2014

Release 2

Zanna the Pixie
This release is brought to you
by Zanna the Pixie
Aaand, here's the second proper release. Real life caught up, so I took a bit of a break. But hey, at least there's plenty of new stuff in this one.

I've been squishing a lot of random bugs, but I've also pretty radically changed some AI routines and whatnot, so new bugs may have appeared. Please report them in comments if you encounter them.

Download the game here (mediafire)
Open the file with Git (download)

As of this release, there are:
* 12 transformable races.
* 2 nonliving forms.
* 2 ways to get enslaved.
* 288 images.

Major changes:

Three new races
One of them pictured to your right.

High score lists
They're kind of experimental and entirely pointless, but they're there.

Special gallery
A gallery with images unlocked when specific conditions are met.

Bane weapons
A new weapon type that works especially well against certain types of monsters. This release only has one such weapon.

Polymorph effects
Temporary transformations that let you to temporarily assume the shape of a monster without truly becoming one. In this release, there is only one form that can be polymorphed into.

Cow improvements
One of most frequent complaints was how boring it was to be a cow. Now, they have at least something they can do (see racial help.)

Full changelog:
* Special gallery added.
* Two new items (one weapon, one consumable)
* Three new races (one of them which doesn't spawn normally)
* Monsters now heal to full when recovering from disabled status.
* New action: Drinking (from something)
* Willpower now regenerates automatically over time; will potions are now rarer.
* There's now a way for cows to gain points.
* Weapon "tiers" (guidelines that the AI uses when deciding which weapon is better) are now visible when examining one.
* Cows can now use the automation commands.
* Disabled players can now use the automation commands.
* Trying to TF a disabled target while an enslaved human now automatically carries the victim towards your mistress.
* During automation, infected humans are now considered to be "interesting" when carrying a remedy.
* NPCs now automatically hand over potions when they feel someone needs them more.
* Item, monster, etc spawn rates have been adjusted.
* Fixed a bug where human-turned-monsters would sometimes vanish.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

What to expect from Release 2

There are still some bugs in 1.1, but nothing too severe. So the next thing to come will be a proper new release. At least three new races are plannedin addition to that, there'll be some adjustments to difficulty, item spawn rates, interface, AI etc. Not to mention a number of bugfixes. And at least one new item.

I rewrote the way monsters pick their targets to prevent some bugs from happening, but it might've caused new ones. Oh well.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Release 1, bugfix 1

And here's our first bugfix. Some of the nastier bugs have been squished.

Download the game here (mediafire)
Open the file with Git (download)

* Fixed up a number of AI bugs involving the rusalka and the enslaved state.
* Fixed an issue involving the player being killed as a podling.
* Fixed an issue where the pod seeds would become unusable after the first use.
* Fixed an issue where you could keep beating disabled monsters to get points.
* Made traps harder to avoid and slightly more common.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Release 1

Pandora the Harpy
This release is brought to you
by Pandora the Harpy
The first version is out. Have fun.

Bugs are to be expected, one person can only test so much. If you spot any, please comment on this post and mention them.

In addition, feedback for anything is very much appreciated. A single monster type overshadowing everyone else? Disappointing game design decisions? Things you'd like to see in the game? Any constructive comments are valued.

Download the game here (mediafire)
Open the file with Git (download)

As of this release, there are:
* 9 transformable races.
* 2 nonliving forms.
* 1 way to get enslaved.
* 212 images.

First release!

A little about the game

Tessa the Imp
The game's mascot is
Tessa the Imp
House of Pandemonium is a corruption/transformation/mind control focused erotic game crated with Inform 7. The objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible, optionally aiming for a high score.

The engine is flexible, and mostly already supports other possible gameplay modes as well, perhaps to be implemented in the future. For now, the development will mainly focus on more content: more transformations, items, events and such.

The art has been created by using 3D Custom Girl with a variety of mods.

The author recommends the game to be played using Git. House of Pandemonium isn't the fastest game, and Git outperforms all other glulx interpreters quite nicely. In addition, the game just looks better on it than on some other interpreters.

Download it from if-archive

The content of the game is in extremely poor taste and isn't recommended for anyone. It includes, or will include, things such as vore, pregnancy, birthing and unbirthing, death, rape and general unpleasantness.